Problem Prevention Plan

Problem Prevention Plan for a Ninth Grade Classroom

This paper examines my plan for a successful first week of a ninth grade Early College class that meets on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a 16 week semester.   Reflected should be student input through an examination of two journal articles, adherence to Early College policies, and an overview of consequences and rewards.   This plan also includes differentiated needs, flexible grouping strategies, cooperative learning process, student discussion process and a review of learning goals.

Problem Prevention Plan for a Ninth Grade Classroom
It has taken a lot of trial and error in regards to creating a “Problem Prevention Plan” as I had to look back on student teaching, as well as take into account numerous different policies that have evolved with the use of technology in the classroom, and parenting views on discipline throughout my twenty – three years of instruction.
Prior to the arrival of my students, I provide a timeline for the class on the marker board on the left hand side and what is to be accomplished during the class.   For a fifty minute class,   I will take roll call at the beginning of the class, and then draw their attention to a quote of the day that will provide some insight as to what we are working on that day.   Quotes involve everything from famous authors to inventors to political figures.   Once they obtain a seat, they are provided the following prompt:
“Please read the articles in the links below. What are your responses to the points in these articles? Do you agree, disagree? Fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise. Write the points where you agree on the left. Write the points where you disagree on the right. At the bottom, write questions that you have about either article.”
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By providing this...