Problem Solving

Problem-Solving Plan at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital


Problem-Solving Plan

    In different corporations there will always be a group or team that will disagree on something or have a personal dilemma against another member.   Situations will appear in the workplace where a team will have to come together to help the organization solve problems.
    Here at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital a needle disposal violation that needs the teams undivided attention, the only problem is, the team cannot overcome the creativity of barriers and communication preventing them from finding a solution to the problem.   As the teams new leader it is my job to direct the team down the right path.   The first plan of action will be evaluate the situation and determine which barrier is holding the team back.
    Dr. Ivana Grboyan is facing an emotional barrier because she believes that she has too much work to tend to at this time.   Not only is she working overtime, her marriage is almost over and her daughter is acting out in school. Dr. Grboyan thinks that by not taking on any new assignments she will have more time to work on her household issues.   She does not see the bigger picture right now because she is allowing her emotions to stand in the way, if the situation is not handled then there will no longer be a job for her to attend each day.   Fredric Adair is upset because he was not chosen to lead the team in this assignment.   Mr. Adair is facing a cultural barrier; he thinks that he is superior because of the college degree he holds.   He was taught at an early age that by obtaining a degree he will go further than the person who trains and works his or her way to the top; he simply thinks that the person does not deserve respect from him (Virtual Organization).
    To come up with a resolution, I plan on holding a meeting with the team in which each team member will try different techniques to encourage creativity.   The first technique the team will learn...