Private & Peaceful

Tuesday 28th September
How does the writer use language
to show that the aeroplane incident is
important, special & exciting
to the three main characters and the story?
Recently, we have been looking at the book Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. This autobiographical novel is set in pre-world war one, the early twentieth century. In this book, the writer uses language to show that a   certain incident is important, special and exiting to the three main characters and the story.
This incident was when three friends (Molly, Charlie and Tommo), who had grown apart, shared the first time they saw an aeroplane and met a pilot.

Molly and Charlie had started drifting away, and growing apart from Tommo. They aren’t interested in him any more, “they made out they were intrested but I knew they weren’t.” Molly and Charlie tried to keep Tommo happy by listening to him and making out that they were intrested but it backfired. It made Tommo feel worse because he knew they weren’t interested and didn’t care. He can only see that they don’t care and are just feeling sorry for him and doesn’t like it. He can’t see that they were just trying to be nice and had his best interests at heart. Also, in this paragraph, the pronoun ‘I’ is used excessively to show Tommo’s loneliness. Throughout this paragraph, Tommo’s situation gradually gets worse. This may have some connection to the cover of the book. The cover starts off a bright blue colour and gradually gets darker, as does Tommo’s feelings.
You can tell that Tommo just wants to become a threesome again with Molly and Charlie when he uses the phrase “…ache in my heart.” The noun ‘ache’ helps the reader to empathise and understand how Tommo is feeling .

When Morpurgo uses the short sentence “I remember the day of the yellow aeroplane.” We know that a momentous event is about to take place that is unforgettable and for Tommo’s sake we hope it brings him closer to Charlie and Molly again. We begin to see that...