Religion and Peace

In the face of growing violence in today's world, Christians are called to be peace makers and to cultivate an environment where peace can grow. Today's world is continuing to grow more and more violent. With the ever continuing war in Iraq, to a fist fight between team mates in an Australian football league game. In survey's from around the world taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002 , between 10-69% of all woman are physically assaulted by an intimate male at some point in their lives. In the year 2000, violence among young people left and estimated 199 000 youths dead and for every youth dead 20-40 required hospital treatment for injuries. In this landscape of information the media are using it as a form of profit and gain. Religion's are a significant factor in world peace because it is one of the most noticeable groups that become involved in world peace keeping issue's. Christians have developed teachings of peace and peace-making from the influence of their scriptures such as the New and old Testament and pope encyclicals. Christians will not be able to achieve   their goal of world peace until they themselves feel at peace. Inner peace is an important part of the christian tradition if they wish to achieve their goal of making peace in the wider community and eventually the world.

Peace in relation to religion is linked in several ways. The ultimate goal of the majority of religions is peace. Whether it be internally, in the Buddhist practice. Or peace in the larger world such as in the christian religion. Some of Christianity's fundamental beliefs stem from the ten commandments and these commandments are an example of their desire for peace. Some of these commandments include .
                                                                  Honor your father and your mother'
                                                                              'You shall not...