Private Funding

Private Funds
Renee Ertel
December Wednesday 14, 2011
Catina Erwin

Private Funds
The Community Cooperative Ministry Inc. is a nonprofit organization who is partnered with the United Way. One of the programs which is offered through the Community Cooperative Ministries is the Homeless Service, Assistance and Prevention. This program provides services to the phone. These services include clothing, food, shelter, counseling, public assistance access, and personal items such as soap, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

The Community Cooperative Ministries, which is a privately funded organization, receives funding through private donations. The Community Cooperative Ministries Homeless Services program of Assistance and Prevention, and privately funded by private donations, faith-based contributions, corporate contributions, grant support, and the United Way of Lee County, Florida. The Community Cooperative Ministries must continue to receive donations from private contributions, and the faith-based and corporate contributions as well. The Community Cooperative Ministries will have to submit grant proposals for the continued grant support for continued program operations.

The Community Cooperative Ministries must review the expenditures and revenue to determine which type of funding needed. The next step that needs to be taken is to identify the current source of funding and future sources of funding for the next year. Develop a list of financial sources which includes renewal of grants, and reapplying for grant support. Then develop a plan for unrestricted operational assistance. Produce a timetable of priority work and responsibilities, which will include resources which need to be developed, a created with the priority levels, employee responsibilities, deadline, and budget. By following this procedure the Community Cooperative Ministries will be able to obtain continued funding for the upcoming year.