Prisoners (and Then There Were None)

Prisoners at the bar, have you anything to say in your defense?
(ROGERS drops coffee tray, MRS. ROGERS screams and faints. ARMSTRONG bends over MRS. ROGERS)
Armstrong: She's fainted, that's all. She'll be round in a minute.
Lombard: (to ROGERS) Get some brandy, man! This is your wife! Help a little!
Rogers: Yes, sir. (leaves)
Vera: Who was that talking?!? Where was he? It sounded – it sounded –  
General: What's going on? What kind of practical joke was that?
Lombard: That voice sounded like it was in the room. (looks around) Look! Over there! A CD player! That's the solution to our mystery.
Voice: You are charged with the following indictments –
Vera: Turn it off, turn it off, it's horrible!
Armstrong: (relieved) A really bad practical joke, I guess.
Wargrave: Think it's a joke, do you? 
Armstrong: Well, what else could it be?
Wargrave: At the moment I'm not prepared to give an opinion.
Marston: You guys are forgetting something! Who turned it on?
Wargrave: Yes, we must inquire that.
(ROGERS enters with brandy, BRENT is bending over MRS. ROGERS)
Rogers: Allow me, ma'am, I'll speak to her. Ethel – Ethel – it's all right. All right, you hear me? Pull yourself together. Pull yourself together, Ethel.
Armstrong: You'll be all right. Just a nasty shock.
Mrs. Rogers: Did I faint, sir?
Armstrong: Yep. Dropped like a stone.
Mrs. Rogers: It was that horrible voice – like a judgment – (almost faints)
Armstrong: All right, where's the brandy?
(ROGERS hands brandy to ARMSTRONG)
Armstrong: Drink this.
Mrs. Rogers: (drinks) I'm all right now. It just – gave me a turn.
Rogers: (quickly) Of course it did, it gave me one too. Fair made me drop the tray. Wicked lies – all of it! I'd like to know –
(ROGERS interrupted by WARGRAVE coughing)
Wargrave: Who put that CD in the player? Was it you, Rogers?
Rogers: (cries) I didn't know what it was. Before God, I didn't know what it was, sir! If I had I never would have done it!
Wargrave: But I think you'd...