Prison Term

Week 2 Assignment: Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal
      Robin Wilke
      March 4, 2013
      Judy Brandeis

      Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

      The information in this paper is designed to state the many reasons as to why sanctions are made and the reasons for enforcing them.   Regardless of whether the reasoning is apart from the attitudes of the readers and government officials, one's personal opinions on what is needed to be done in order to reduce the amount of armed robberies needs to be told. The definition of robbery: consists of one or more people taking valuables or personals items with force and   without permission from the owner.

      Before making any suggestions one needs to come to a realization that this new proposed bill may not lesson these crimes. Criminals will always find ways to carry out their crimes. An alternative could be to administer better programs to the criminal justice system. In order to deter crime, one needs to get a better understanding of why the crimes are being committed.   Although Criminologists will never find all the causes of why crimes are committed they would be able to narrow it down. One can also take it upon themselves to look up information from the Unified Crime Report System (UCRS), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and other criminal data sites from the United States. One could see the crime rates that we as a society are facing with today and how as a criminologist one can beat down crime in the United States.

      With doing research for this bill it has come to my attention that there are more armed robberies than any other crimes committed in the United States.   If one were to look at different ways to deter robbery we would be able to address them accordingly. Also by looking at previous years on how the United States has dealt with these crimes and compared them to how it is being dealt with...