Chosen To Be
Surrounded in a city where crime rates are high and crime is all you witness, it is unbearable to get away from crime.   Sometimes people intend to do crime because that is all they see their whole life and they do not think it is wrong because everyone does it, like Buchanan (author of the essay How People Turn Monstrous) says “Can a person be guilty of a crime if almost everyone, except a few heroic types, would have done the same thing?” (385). If a person is raised in a violent family and sees everything, then most likely when he grows up he will commit similar actions.   Criminals are not always as they seem, sometimes criminals react to situations using emotions, sometimes criminals have no choice because they are desperate and forced to the lifestyle, and sometimes attention and peer pressure can lead to these criminals doing dangerous actions and committing crimes; but to every single problem/situation there is always a solution that exists.
In this world, people tend to handle emotion differently and sometimes some cannot handle it, which leads some people to become a criminal and do a felony because they are jealous and/or want revenge.   Having lots of enemies, people that treat you with no respect, and being humiliated by others makes people get angry and sometimes people cannot handle their stress so they end up dangerously attacking, raping, and/or murdering a victim.   When people have revenge on others it makes the criminal feel much better because they think they got even with the person who they attacked, and it lowers the stress. People who cannot control their emotions will likely think of getting revenge and that leads these criminals into committing crime. Like in the essay Revenge the motive for rape, murder by Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah says “What is even more shocking is that the man is believed to have raped and murdered Nurul Anira Che Rosik simply because he wanted revenge against her mother for "repeatedly humiliating him...