President's Term

President’s term

Do you always agree the president’s policy? I don’t think so. However, we have no chances to estimate his policy and politics and the presidents can’t have opportunities to improve and to examine him. In addition, In Korea, It is difficult that the president’s policies are realized and make effects for long period. This is because the president’s term is short, and the next president changes the policies into original policies. Some policies need longer period than 5 years. I think that two terms of four years like American system is better than single term of five years on political efficient, financial efficient points.
On a politic view, four-year, two-term presidential system is politically more stable than single term of five years, because the single- term system causes confusion is state. Political parties should compete with each other to produce the president every 5 years. And ‘Lame Duck’ phenomenon can occur. ‘Lame Duck’ means that president’s power leaks when president has little terms. President’s order and authority has no effect. That is inefficient and undesirable. However, in four-year, two-term system, this inefficient phenomenon is less likely to be possible. This is because the present president will be able to be the next president.
On efficiency view, in single term of five years system, we should elect the president every 5 years, so it enormously costs. In the last president election, it costs more than four hundred sixty five million per candidate. However, we don’t have to pay such a huge amount in four-year, two-term presidential system. We just estimate the president’s policy, ability, morality not elect a new president. Second, do you think that the economic development plan will achieve the goal in 5 years? In addition, can environment policy or Korean unification policy make effects in 5 years?
I think that these policies need 10 years at least, However, today’s Korean president’s term is only 5 years and he...