Synthesis Essay

The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution stipulates that no president shall serve more than two terms in office. Is any man good a third time? Without the amendment the United States would not be functional. Though some may say it deprives the nation of worthy contenders, the 22nd Amendment necessary to ensure the government is ran without a monarchy and offer new ideas to the nation.

Body Paragraph 1
The president is one of the only nationally elected political officials in the United States. As a result, there is strong moral pressure on the president to be “the president of all the people.” The chief executive is in a unique position with the ability to control various aspects of government and citizens lives. Being elected as president comes with immense responsibility and power. President Truman once said, “There is a lure in power. It can get into a man’s blood just as gambling or lust for money have been known to do.” (Source C). The president is potentially the focal point of politics in the American system. The 22nd amendment ensures no president can monopolize public power and declare himself King. George Washington was once one of the most beloved presidents. Washington did not seek a third term, as he thought of it as a monarchy, the very form of government the founders of the country fought against. Washington “faithfully gave back to the people the enormous power they entrusted to him” (Source C).

Body Paragraph 2:
The 22nd amendment allows a president to be in office for a total of eight years in his lifetime. While eight years may be “too short for a successful president” (Source D), any years subsequent to that would result in monotony. Franklin Delano Roosevelt steered the nation through the great depression” (Source A). FDR benefitted the nation by offering a plethora of reforms and got America back on her feet. When he went into office for his fourth term he explained “that he could not leave the helm at a time he was...