Prage Spring

      Ruth Moon, Natsumi Kinoshita, Cinzia Orlando     WHERE IS CZECHOSLOVAKIA?
  Czechoslovakia is found in Central Europe and it is surronded   by Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Ausrtia
      the position is important because it’s located near the Soviet   territory and was under the influence of Communism
  Was a period of political liberalization and new ideas during   the communist domination
      It was named the Prague spring because all the new ideas seemed   to be appearing from everywhere
      It began on January 5, 1968 and ended on August 20, 1968, when   Dubcek was forced to resign
  In 1967 the reformist Dubcek became the leader of the Czech   communist party after the Stalinist leader was forced to resign.
      He continued until August 20 1968 when the Soviet Union invaded   the country.
      The reforms made by Dubcek were an attempt to introduce the   socialism with a human face to the citizens: less censorship,   more freedom of speech, a reduction in the activities of the   secret police and he introduced the social democratic party
      The reforms were not received well from the Soviets who sent   thousands of troops and tanks to occupy the country
      The Soviet invasion in 1968 faced a little violent resistance   and Dubcek was removed from power and succeeded by Brezhnev.
  Following the Czech coup in February 1948 when the Communists   definitely took power in Czechoslovakia by introducing the   people’s democracy.
      Although Czechoslovakia was a multiparty state it was still   under the communist majority control
      Another factor that supported Stalinization was that Czechoslovak   interests were subordinated to the Soviet Union.
      Following the Soviet example, Czechoslovakia began emphasizing   the rapid development of heavy industry.
      The 1960 Constitution declared the victory of...