Poverty and Children in the United States
University of Phoenix
Tishia McCall
SOC 120
Kimberlin Born
December 20, 2009

    The United States has been affected by several social problems in today‚Äôs society. A social problem that I have decided to perform my research on is Poverty and Children in the United States. There are several reasons why Poverty has affected children in the United States. A few reasons why poverty is a current social problem is: Low income families, younger parents, less education and the increase in single and divorced families.
    Low income has been a major factor with families that have children. The economy has had many hardships. Families with children have suffered the most from the economic crisis. The economic crisis has resulted in families loosing their jobs or families accepting jobs with pay cuts. Families that have lost their job suffer a great deal. These families have been accustomed to a certain lifestyle. The lifestyle that one is use to has to change, so that the necessities of life are fulfilled. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, families that are suffering through poverty are not classified as poor families. Families that suffer through poverty maybe affected by issues such as: missed mortgage payment, late utility bills, or utility products shut off, late car payments, no medical benefits, unstable child care or a shortage in food supply. Statistics have also proven, it is more common for families with younger children to suffer poverty than families with older children. Forty seven percent of families that have children under the age of six suffer from poverty, whereas thirty seven percent of families that have children over the age of six suffer from poverty.   Another major factor of low income are immigrant parents. Immigrant parents suffer a great deal with trying to find employment. Trying to locate employment can be hard for immigrants; to the point immigrant families will accept...