Positive Relationships

Effective Communication:- This is the key area for developing relationships with others and also coves many different forms of communication.
Showing Respect:- It is important to be courteous and respectful and also to listen to their points of views. As adults and children come from different cultures and backgrounds or different values from your own, show respect and acknowledge their views.
Being Considerate:- working in an environment with different people under particular pressure at a given time and need to understand why they may have behaved or reacted in a certain way, or out of character.
Remembering issues which are personal to them:- enquiring about a particular aspects of someones life can help build a positive relationship.
Being Clear on key points:- when i have conversations with others and it includes passing on information i should ensure that what i have said, i have said it clear enough for them to understand. As i don’t want them to be distracted from the main point of what i have said.

Taking time to listen to others:-   Making sure that i take time to listen to others, for example if they rae asking for help/advice , i will show that i am interested in what they have to say so that i can respond appropriately.
Maintaining   a sense of humour:- the nature of my work is important, i also take time to the funny side of the situation as laughter can be a good icebreaker and is also a great way of relaxing and relieving stress.