Angela Kitchens
Policy Making Process
13 November 2011

This paper discusses the United States Constitution and It’s Articles of Confederation.   It will answer questions of what the government was like prior and post constitution.   The effects of having governmental control was also researched found to be an extraordinary, sensitive and highly secretive process.   The United Stated constitution protects the citizens and gives us a platform to exercise our human rights without government interference.  
What generated the United States Constitution?   The United States Constitution was created to replace the Articles of Confederation and to devise a plan to deal with the need for structure in the government.   The Constitution could also be seen as a tool for leverage and equality which protected American citizens’ rights.   The type of government prior to the United States Constitution was the Articles of Confederation, which was referred to as the plan for a permanent union of the states.     The confederation gave legislators little to no power.   The problem with the Articles of Confederation was because there was too little governmental representation at the federal level.  
If there was a problem with the government did anything occur and also where was it addressed? There were economic problems to overcome due to the states’ inability to tax, thus causing economic strain on states.   The government was helpless and had little power to govern.   As a result of this lack of power the nation’s leaders looked at the current situation and created a better plan that would give the opposite of what the Articles of Confederation gave.   The plan was initially to update or correct the articles but they ended up creating the United States Constitution.   The
Who was involved in this matter and name the parties involved.   There were 55 delegates known as the Founding Fathers representing 12 states selected to meet for dinner and they were...