Policy for Behavior Management

Policy For Behaviour Management at Primary School

Children, staff, parents and Governors to work together with co-operation, courtesy, care and consideration.

Everyone to follow the   school’s six aims which are: to share, to achieve high standards, to succeed, to support, to be safe, to be secure, in order to promote positive self-esteem and well-being.

Our school is committed to promoting and reinforcing positive personal attitudes and behaviour. We expect :

      - sensitivity to others with a willingness to help
      - respect and tolerance for other people and their property
      - perseverance in the face of difficulties
      - acknowledgement of mistakes, and learning from them in order to move on
      - loyalty and responsibility towards our family, our friends, our school and the community in which we live and work
      - self-discipline and self-esteem
      - determination and confidence to achieve our best
      - celebration of successes and achievements

Our five expectations for pupil behaviour are as follows :

    1) Do as you are asked by all staff straight away

      Rule 1 means - Do as you are told
                      - Do not answer back or argue
                      - Act immediately

    2) Be polite and considerate to everyone

      Rule 2 means - Use ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’

                      - Do not swear
                      - Do not shout
                      - Do not interrupt
                      - Do not call each other names
                      - Do not fight or play rough games
                      - Work quietly in class to avoid disturbing others

    3) Move around the school quietly and carefully

      Rule 3 means - Keep to the left at all times

                      - Walk
                      - Do not barge or push
                      - Do not shout
                      - Be ready to help by opening doors...