Poerty Love

Skittles Of Jealously
Jealousy is like a bag of Skittles
Sounds like racial slurs
Taste like dirty Skittles
Smells like sweaty basketball players
Looks like the world war II having a conversation
Feels like your life will never leave that bag of Jealous Skittles!

Rude sayings that most boys say
About cute girls.
Laughing at the smart young girl-
As she walks down the block,
Making jokes just like Mike Epps,
Keeps the girls head held HIGH!

My Life
Independent tough young woman.
Cares deeply about the shoes on her feet,
Takes nothing for granted!
Feels hated by many
Never fearing any.
Working hard to achieve
Yet, still living life to the fullest.

Best friends are special
They are always there to help
Bringing joy to life
Trustworthy, loveable friend
Are great qualities we need.

Wish you were here
  Missing the times we shared
  Someone I trust and depend on
    My Mom

Riviera very ready for red race cars but if red is rare then rare
                is bare when running a race with red shoelace.

Friendly, Tough
barking, biting, running
Playful, funny, funky, feline
Touching, licking, loving
Dark-eyed, giant

Secret Love
I am not allowed to tell you
The things that are in my heart
Because the truth of it is
I’ve been liking you from the start
When you’re around me
I never wanna let you go

I’m really surprised you don’t know
That it’s you I like
I thought it was obvious
I know you inside and out
I can read you like a book
From the moment I saw you
It just took 1 look

I love you……………
And you don’t even seem to know
I don’t know when
But one day I know you’ll feel the same
My love will never change!

The Reason
I started on my homework
But my pen ran out ink
My cat ate homework
My computer went blank
The wind blew my notes away
A pirate swiped my work
And refused to give it back
I didn’t do my homework...