TMA 03:
1. Write one or more poems totalling 40 lines. You may choose whether or not to write in metre or include a rhyme scheme.
I should be happy now that I'm free
No longer the person you forced me to besoaked in your promises, fanned by your wingsTails curled and claws flexed, dragons sit down to dine.I should be happy now that I'm free
Held by a memory, chained by a dreamchasing forever, intangible stream.Boxes of chocolates filled with stings.When faced with a problem, you redefine.
I should be happy now that I'm free.
(10 Lines)


I have, at times, admired dogstheir awesome skill at sitting still.And some days too, I’ve envied snakestheir sense of smell that works so well,or wished to be a dragonfly,with so much beauty, free from duty.And I of course cannot denya robin that sings, or flits on wings,can steal my thoughts at any time.I can discern much I could learn.But only as a human beingcan I achieve this way of seeing.So many times I have admiredthe fly’s and bees when I am   tired,and been impressed by simple antsor Eagles passing in the skies.the tall stillness of the trees,all wondrous and so sure to please.Awe and wonder, time and spacethe truth of self and self's tiny place,horror and sorrow, fear and shame,the simple wonder of my name,despair, desire and delight,the darkness and the inner light,What is the human soul about?In Nature's nature we can seethe beauty of eternity,Souls, absorb and then reflect
with awesome immortal creativity.          

(30 Lines)

Poetry is not a definite category, thus opening it to everything   from society, nature, humans, reality to our thought, wishes, future, emotions even our dreams. So, I don't need to have actual experiences to write poems. William Wordsworth,   a greatest nature poet, said that
"Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of emotion, not the emotion of the actual experience, but the emotion recollected in tranquillity"; and this poem collectively falls...