Comparison of Poems "First Love and How Do I Love Thee"

By; Mark Anthony Plata
School: St. Mary, Fujairah
How is the theme of love portrayed in the poems "First love", "How do I love thee" and "When we two parted"?
In 1806 the family moved into Hope End, a country estate in Herefordshire. When she was only 12 she wrote a poem called, The Battle of Marathon. Her father had it printed two years later. Despite his manner, he often supported her work in this way.
When she was 13 Elizabeth Barrett determined that she was of "natural ill health". Nevertheless, her real problems with her health did not appear to begin in earnest until two years later in 1821. Then she may have suffered a spine injury for which she was given a prescription for opium, but the injury was not documented. Injury or none, she developed a lifelong opium addiction. She also suffered from lung problems, anorexia nervosa, and a number of other illnesses, and spent a great deal of time seeking cures.
“When we two parted” is a poem of George Gordon Byron written in 1808 and published in 1813 in _“The poetical worksof Lord Byron”._
“_When wetwo parted”_ is a poem of heart broken, expressing strong feelings in a simple but full of meaning vocabulary, such as in other poems like “_So we’ll no go more a roving”__._
In this poem it is too difficult to find rhetorical figures, due to the most important of all the poem is the strength of thewords. Despite of this, it can be seen, for example,in the third line a metaphor:“_half brokenhearted”_; the poet is expressing ushow he and his lover feel when they are two parted.
Another striking thing found in the poem is the second part of the fourth stanza. It is the only stanza which repeats therhyme of other verses and not just the rhyme, but the word itself. E.g. “To_ sever for years__/(30)After long years”._
because their relation was asin. This idea will be developed later withsome comments of people that “she” was a married woman.
These two verses remain to the sounds of the...