Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma

Camilla Townsend, the author of the book, “Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma,” did
a very good job of not only explaining the life of Pocahontas but she also explains the struggles that the other Native American peoples faced as well. When the majority of people hear the name “Pocahontas” their minds instantly go to the famous Disney movie but Camilla does an excellent job of portraying her in a different, not so childish, way. This book can appeal to many different types audiences. It is an easy read therefore I feel that it could apply to high school students and greater. Also, anyone interested in a more   factual realization about Pocahontas’s life instead of the fairytale Walt Disney version.
The Walt Disney version had Pocahontas and John Smith falling in love. She kept her father, Powhatan whom was the chief of the tribe, from killing Smith. Her great efforts eventually led to both sides calling truss, saving Smith’s life. Camilla disagrees with this rescue.
I believe her goal is to pull the Disney thoughts from the reader’s mind and replace them with more factual information. Pocahontas was more concerned about saving her people rather than finding love. The Powhatan people did everything they could to protect themselves from the English. Camilla does the best she can to describe Pocahontas’s life and the struggles she faced. The reader needs to keep in mind that Pocahontas did not leave behind any documents or journal entries about her life.
The Powhatan’s were stronger than what the English had anticipated. Chief Powhatan reproduced with many women to create many children for political reasons. However the land could not possibly have enough natural resources to provide for all of them. So, while he had about twelve wives living with him- his other wives cared for his other children alone. Once the children of his tribe were old enough to be away from their mothers they were sent to live with his family. This created a large tribal population to...