Plst Questions

Q: Tell me about a time that you have questioned your own assumptions, and questioned the assumptions of the people around you.
In my job I am required to provide advice and sometimes I make assumptions which I always question as clients will be following my advice. I also question the assumptions made by my colleagues, as clients tend to do what we tell them, so we have to be right.

Q: Tell me about a time when you have tried to balance and negotiate different viewpoints and needs, and influence other people in order to reach an agreement
Sometimes when working with a colleague we have different viewpoints on how certain things should be done and I would explain why I think the client would want us to do things from viewpoint, I then would try to understand things from my colleague’s viewpoint, after which an agreement would be reached.

Q: What is your opinion on the idea that young people should be made to stay in school until they are 18?
Please outline the reasons and views for the opposite point of view to your own.
I agree with this idea, I think young people should be required to stay in school until they are 18 as I think education is very important. However I can see why people would think this shouldn’t be a requirement as there are some talented young people in the world who can do well in life without education.

Q: Please tell me about a time that you have taken a risk. How did you know what the risk was? What steps did you take to manage that risk?
A time I have taken risk is when sending an email to a client answering a technical query without getting the email reviewed by a manager to make sure it is technically correct, to manage this risk, I looked into government legislation and manuals in relation to the query to make sure I was correct.

Q: How do you personally balance the competing pressures of college, work, and personal life?
I personally balance the pressures of college, work and personal life by making sure I am...