Coconut Candy

Coconut candy is a sweet chewy crunch dessert snack associated with the Nigerian
community. I make mine from fresh Coconut, Coconut water, Icing sugar or milled
granulated sugar with Vanilla and Nutmeg extract.

The finished product must be consumed within 36 hours of preparation and stored in a
refrigerator below 5°C once prepared and until consumed.
You will need a wide saucepan, a blender with mill attachment if using granulated sugar, a
sharp small kitchen knife, a small hammer, a strainer with small mesh, two mixing bowls, foil
paper or kitchen paper, and a tray that will fit inside your refrigerator.

To make enough for six
1. 1 medium to large coconut (should measure around 9”(~25cm) from the top to
bottom and 12”(~30cm) around the middle. The coconut needs to be fresh and still
contain water, shake to check.
2. 200 g of icing sugar or 200g or milled granulated sugar.
3. 200mls of water
4. ½ tablespoon of vanilla extract or milled vanilla pods
5. ½ tablespoon of powdered nutmeg or finely grated nutmeg

To prepare
1. Wash the exterior of the coconut under hot/warm water and allow to dry.
2. Using the hammer and holding the coconut over a mixing bowl, break the coconut
slightly and collect the water from it. Store the water in a cup for later.
3. Place the coconut on a tray and use the hammer to break it so it separates into around
six to eight pieces.
4. Take each piece of broken coconut with the shell still attached and insert the knife
between the coconut skin and shell, jiggle the knife about slightly being careful not to
bore into the white flesh and once you have gone about 1”(2.5cm) deep and 1.5”(4cm
wide) the entire coconut flesh with skin should separate easily from the shell.
5. Repeat this process for all the pieces of coconut.
6. Wash the pieces thoroughly under warm water to remove any hairs and debris from
the shell.
7. Using the knife, slice the larger pieces of...