|Assessment task P.w 3.14                                                                                                 |pc’s / knowledge                   |
| All children are very different. Their needs can be very simple or very complex and will constantly be changing and     |                                   |
|developing. The play opportunities that we offer should be geared towards meeting these needs and preferences especially |                                   |
|any additional or particular need a child may have. To identify these needs you should have a knowledge of the individual|                                   |
|children in our setting, plus knowledge of the child development. If our setting does not meet the needs and preferences |                                   |
|of the children attending the children will become bored and it is highly likely that attendances will fall.             |                                   |
|At times the children will need support in their play, but any support given by you should focus on encouraging           |                                   |
|independence and getting them to practice skills for themselves. In providing stimulating, interesting and challenging   |                                   |
|play opportunities that are developmentally appropriate we are providing the potential for the children to extend         |                                   |
|themselves.                                                                                                               |                                   |
|To ensure that our setting is meeting the needs of the children that attend our setting, feedback from them will enable   |                                   |
|us to assess and improve the service that we provide. To monitor the children’s involvement in our setting we can use the|                                   |
|following techniques :-...