Diploma in Playwork Level 2

* TASK 5- Part 1
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman- Soham Murders.
On the 4th August 2002, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman played together at Holly's house while enjoying a BBQ with their families. They were both 10yrs old and the very best of friends.
Early evening they both decided to take a walk to the shop together to get some sweets.
They never returned.
On 17th Aug, after 13 days of searching their bodies were finally found in a ditch, near the perimeter fence of RAF Lakenheath, 6 miles away from their homes. Their bodies had been set alight in a bid to destroy all evidence.
On the 20th August, Ian Huntley was charged with 2 counts of murder and detained under Section 48 of the Mental Health Act.
It is believed that on the evening of 4th Aug, while on their way home from the sweet shop, Holly and Jessica walked past Ian Huntley's home when he saw them and called them in, claiming that their teaching assistant Maxine Carr (his girlfriend at the time) was in the house. It turned out that   she was not in the house at all, but away visiting family.
He murdered the girls on that day.
During the police investigations, Ian Huntley had interviews with the press about Holly and Jessica when it was thought that he may have been the last person to have seen them alive.
He said that it was "absolutely" a mystery and that "while there's no news there's still that glimmer of hope, and that's basically what we're all hanging on to"
12 days after the girls went missing,   Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr were questioned by police and agreed to give witness statements. They were finally released after 7 hours. Later that night, police searched Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr's home, and also the grounds of Soham Village College (where Ian Huntley worked), and recovered items of "major importance" to the investigation into the deaths of both Holly and Jessica. Although it was not made public straight away, the items found at the school grounds were clothes matching those the...