Planning and Enabling Learning

Planning and Enabling Learning
Patch 2 – part 7


In my assignment I will discuss my role and responsibilities within the lifelong learning sector. I aim to identify the affects and changes on FE and the impact this has on my current teaching role. I will use a wide range of different sources to document my evidence including the Internet, textbooks, and discussions with fellow peers.

Main Body

As a teacher I have a number of roles and responsibilities that I must adhere to in the workplace, this ensures a safe, professional environment for each individual learner. The current policies I follow are:

  * Health and Safety at Work act (1974)
  * The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations (1999)
  * Risk Assessment
  * Data Protection Act (1998)
  * Safeguarding young/vulnerable adults
  * Equal Opportunities
  * Inclusive Learning

It is important to communicate well with learners from the beginning of the course to ensure a clear understanding and overview of course content has been correctly ascertained. All learners should be given the same opportunity so they can work effectively towards reaching their qualification.

The first process is demonstrated by initial assessment; initial assessment provides information to help identify gaps or bridges to learning, whether the course/level chosen is suitable for the learner and if any support is to be offered. Lesson planning ensures the delivery of a session will meet the individual needs of a learner. Having good knowledge of the subject being taught provides a high standard for learning. Assessing learners’ work and using a range of assessment methods promotes reliability, validity and sufficiency.

Giving constructive feedback allows learners to make good progress. As a teacher evaluating my own performance is important as it demonstrates continuing professional development. Inclusive learning is used to select and teach learners’ by applying different...