Planning and Assessing Learning

Preceding the creation of my lesson plans I had to ask myself various questions. What is a good lesson plan and what prerequisites do I need to include before embarking on lesson plan creation.

Each part of a lesson plan should fulfil some purpose in communicating the specific content. I have tried to include the correct fundamentals into my lesson plans to satisfy all learning and teaching concepts and needs  
That is the lesson plan should include, the objectives, the learning prerequisites, what will happen within the lesson. The sequence of student and teacher activities, the materials and resources required and the actual assessment procedures with any safety requirements. Added to this extension activities designed to keep students occupied if they finish tasks early and homework either reading or a tangible exercise should be included

At the conclusion of a lesson, the assessment should tell the teacher how well students actually attained the objective, if at all.
Usually, lesson planning is taught in schools or colleges as a skill that initially involves developing one or more objectives based on a curriculum or set of explicit goals.
The next step requires sequencing a number of activities in which the teacher and students interact in some way. Following this interaction, there is an assessment and the next lesson begins in the unit or other sequence that follows the curricular structure.

There are, however, some variables that relate to the instructional activities that should be considered. This is a brief description of some of them.

Any planned instructional procedure or teaching method for a particular lesson should also address the following questions:
Does the lesson plan permit adjustment for students with different abilities?

The instructional method(s) planned for a particular lesson must take into account each students ability.   The range of abilities in which students...