Plan for Positive Influence

A Plan for Positive Influence
Teamwork is necessary in all areas of business.   According to an article in the North American Journal of Psychology, work teams are defined as “groups of individuals who have a common purpose, interact to accomplish organizational goals, and share responsibility for team outcomes” (Kline, 2008, p. 65).   In order for work teams to be effective, the personality and values of each team member must be taken into account.   This paper will develop a plan to utilize the assessed personality and values of each team member to work effectively as a team.
Team Assessments
Each member of the team completed several assessments including the DISC assessment, emotional intelligence assessment, job satisfaction and involvement assessments, and attitudes toward workplace diversity assessment.   As the following table shows, three of our five team members tested as the Impressor Style.
Team Member/ Assessment Mary Thomas Yanina Florez Shelley Ingold Caroline Crawford Ric Maltba
DiSC Score The Impressor (Ic) The Producer (Ds) The Impressor (Ic)   The Impressor (lc) The Go-Getter (Sd)
Emotional Intelligence Score 42 40 37 43 38
How Involved Am I With My Job? 33 43 22 50 40
How Satisfied Am I With My Job? 72 80 67 81 59
What Are My Attitudes Towards Workforce Diversity 16 11 -3 14 -4

This style is more interactive.   This personality gets impatient and wants to win with flair.   The other two team members are the Producer and the Go-Getter.   The Producer, though a dominant style, is less direct than most dominant styles.   This is also the style of the Impressors.   The Go-Getter is indirect; however, this style is a great short-term planner.   The Go-Getter style will be a great complement to the three Impressors.   The Impressors tend to underestimate the time it takes to complete a project, whereas the Go-Getter is very strong at defining the timeline needed to complete the job successfully.   Our emotional intelligence scores are all considered...