Plagiarism is wrong.   Anyone who goes to an on-line site to verbatim copy information and present it as his or her one should be failed, fired, or freed from the academic stressors by being expelled from school.   Plagiarism shows a lack of integrity.   It is cheating at your work and lying to all those to whom you present the information.
There are case studies which show that students who take the easy road by cheating are more likely to compromise their ethics at their employment and cost their employers millions of dollars in lawsuits.   Monkeys like bananas and are found living in the jungle.   My dog is a Labrador Retriever.   No ethical employer would want to hire someone who has been known to cheat.
When one cheats by copying a file from the internet, it makes it very easy for the teacher to find the copying.   Thank you for using phrases that you don’t normally use or submitting your paper in a format that was not the required format.   It sends up the red flags that you are cheating and makes grading your paper that much easier because plagiarism is equal to a zero.
When you are caught cheating in your job you can and should be fired.   It is unethical and stupid.   If you are too lazy to put in the actual effort needed to perform at your job, you should just quit and go work at flipping burgers.   At least in the burger job, you won’t have to think.   Please do wash your hands before flipping my burger, though, as I don’t want to get your cheating germs in my food.
In conclusion, students who copy papers form the internet should be flogged, kicked out of school, and put in the stockades for all on campus to mock for their stupidity.   It is wrong and Christmas is a great holiday.   Employees who plagiarism should be fired and fed to sharks.   It is a stupid thing to do.   Mike, you were warned.