Places to Visit

In the world there are many places to visit. For example a place where I would like to spend my honeymoon is Punta Cana, a city located in the Caribbean. It is famous by its white sandy beaches, blue water and the scenery of all of them.
Now, a great vacation destination would be Dubai, a city located in the United Arab Emirates. It has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles. But It is especially famous by the architecture of the Burj Al Arab hotel, a 7 stars luxury hotel which stands on an artificial island in the beach. Dubai also has great places to shop. In fact it has the largest mall in the world. In addition, the variety of restaurants and bars in the city is awesome.
On the other hand a city where I would like to live for a few years is New York. It is a city that has many interesting skyscrapers. In fact, that`s why a lot of movies where filmed right there.   New York is one of the world`s leading centers of commerce and finance. Wall Street, which is the home of the New York stock exchange, is the place where I would like to work for some years. In addition New York is one of the safest cities of the U.S.A.
On the opposite the place I would never want to visit is the Congo, a country located in central Africa. It is the poorest country in the world and it has the lowest human development index. Most of the country does not have basic services, like water and electricity. In addition the rates of deaths and crime are really high. Definitively, I would never like to visit it.
To conclude, In the world there are a lot of places to visit, the choice of the destination is yours.