Around Isamabad

The capital of Pakistan was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad in 1981 due to the strategic location of Islamabad as it would be difficult to attack Islamabad as compared to Karachi reason being that Islamabad is surrounded by mountains which makes it difficult to bomb with accuracy.
The surrounding areas of Islamabad include:
                    *MARGALL**AH PASS*
This small pass is located 26 km west of Islamabad on G.T. Road. Margallah is mentioned by historians and emperors like Alberuni, Ferishta and Jehangir. Today, it is a pass between the ancient capital of Gandhara, that is, Taxila, and the modern capital of Pakistan, i.e., Islamabad. There is an obelisk right on the top of the Pass, built in 1890 in memory of Brig. Gen. John Nicholson (died on 23 Sept.1857) of the British army, by his colleagues. A small part of the ancient Shahi (Royal) Road can be seen just across the pass, left of G.T. Road. This road was first built by the Persians in c.516 BC and later developed by the Afghan King Sher Shah Suri in 1540s. An inscription on the western side of this stone pavement shows that is was again repaired in 1672 AD.
It is one & a half hours drive to Murree from Islamabad via the 55 km well carpeted winding road. Murree, known as the Queen of Hills is 2,413 meters high. Beyond Murree, the hill resorts of Ayubia, Khairagali, Bhurban, Patriata, Dongagali and Nathiagali also offer cool respite from the torrid heat of plains. Perhaps, the most sought out is the beautiful Nathiagali, 32 km from Murree and perched 2501 meters high. Ayubia, 29 km from Murree, is famous for its chair lift. Bhurban, which is 9 km from Murree, is known for its nine-hole golf course, panoramic view of the forested hills around and a 5-star hotel. PTDC has accommodation facilities at Murree (Cecil Hotel) and Ayubia (PTDC Motel).
Abbottabad, 116 kms from Rawalpindi at 1,222 m. above...