Art essay                                                                              
The inclusion of technology in the visual arts is significant as it has allowed many issues to come into play. These include the relationship between the natural and artificial, the use of medicine in saving lives and cloning . By mirroring the information technologies which have become a necessity to our contemporary society a non-traditional approach to art is created.

In restless the audiences first impression is shock. The soft, baby like skin combined with the features of a platypus or rhinoceros pull at the maternal strings. The exploration of personal issues reflects the contrast between the artificial and natural, through use of such technologies as colour manipulated technology and digital media. The idea behind this work is the first synthetic organism being made from cloning and the potential link with saving lives. The development of this artwork reflects the debate of current, new and perhaps “frightening” developments in medical science. This therefore allows the audience to question the ethics in the new technologies of society.

Protein lattice is also quiet confronting to the audience. The image of a hairless rat with an ear protruding form its side is paired with a beautiful women. Is this a model with the new fashion accessory of the future? The comment being made is the freakishness of each component. The model canvases the perfection and commercialism of society while the rat is similarly fake. The idea of the rat originates from the farming of a labatory rat for plastic surgery, this links with the model and the artificial nature of contemporary society. All of Piccinini works have a slick finish and an idea or concept behind them.

The dichotomy between the beautiful and menacing is a key theme in Piccinini work through use of sculpture also, Piccini’s LUMPs are new abstract forms of art. Piccinis art practice is also unique . Piccinini creates...