Physical Development

Chapter 9 of the text focuses on physical development standards. For this discussion, please choose either a focus on fostering fine motor or gross motor skill development. Develop a curriculum/activity plan designed to foster either fine motor or gross motor development in two (2) year old children. Include your implementation plan and assessment plan for the activity and an analysis of how the plan supports the learning standards found in Chapter 9.

Refer to Chapter 9 of the text, one website, and your own insights. You are required to respond to at least two classmates’ postings.

I chose an activity that the students will be working on fine motor skills.   The early learning standard I will be using from the book is, children use their fingers and hands in ways to develop hand-eye coordination, strength, control, and object manipulation (Gronlund, 2006, p. 110).   In my sons daycare they participate in many art projects, which I love because they are practicing fine motors skills when they do art as well as the product being   so cute when he brings them home.   I have seen many projects that my son has done that could be used with other two year olds. The activity that I have chosen was one that he completed in daycare.
Fine motor skills is the coordination of muscles, bones, and nerves to produce small, precise movements, the activity that I have chosen is making a picture frame out of the tongue depressors. Each child will get four tongue depressors that they will paint with big brushes.   They will get a choice of color and will paint it independently.   Once the paint dries, we will together glue them into the shape of a square.   In this activity the students not only practice fine motor skills while painting but also with the gluing and placement of the sticks.   When the glue dries we will put a bunch of glue dots on their frames and the children will put different colored gems on the dots of glue.   The colors of the gems will be their choice.   A picture...