Phone Memory

Nokia 6500 Slide Phone Memories

These two joyful years (and 12 days) together have really swept past swiftly like a strong breeze. I remember it like it was last week, the day I got you, the day my mum and I stepped into the shop and my mum scribbled her signature onto the contract. The date was 1st February, 2009, one day after my birthday. It was the end of the previous contract, the mark of the retirement of my previous companion, and the signature on the contract marked the obtaining of you, the soon to be new companion. Excitement gushed through every vein in my body as the box you were contained in was given to me. The moment my dad arrives at the station and drives us home, you would be freed from the cramped cardboard confinement and finally meet your new companion. How excited I was, I could hardly wait as I stood near the train station with my mum, waiting for dad.

It seemed like almost half an hour for the five-minute wait, but when I finally arrived home I ambled confidently up the stairs, looking forward to freeing you from your box. As I stepped past the threshold and strode into my room, I could feel my fingers shuddering with anticipation. At last, with a final tug, and I managed to pull the sticky tape off the shiny cardboard surface of your box, open it up, and take you and your minions out of your box. It really seemed cramped and stuffy in there, I thought, considering that I used a fair bit of effort to get everyone out of your box, untangled, without messing things up more than it already was. Thankfully, for the sake of convenience, you and your minions were pretty much further confined within separate see-through bags, which ensured that I knew where everything was the moment I opened the box, as well as ensure that your minions do not become entangled with each other (especially the earphones and charger). Instinctively, I knew that after finally being exposed to sunlight and fresh air and escaping from the box, you and your minions...