Phl 320 Week 3 Knowledge Check

PHL 320 Week 3 Knowledge Check

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1. Step 2 of the planning process is the generation of alternative plans that may be used to achieve goals. The generation of new ideas may emerge
A. only if the person is thinking about the situation
B. while the person is doing something else
C. only in a group discussion
D. only while asleep
2.To be effective, goals should have certain qualities, which are easy to remember with the acronym SMART. Which of the following qualities are included in the SMART acronym?
A. Authentic
B. Market
C. Specific
D. Trends
3. Managers analyzing the external environment and the internal resources use a SWOT analysis. Which of the following matches a term in the SWOT acronym?
A. Timing
B. Stress
C. Opportunities
D. Work plan
4. Which of the following are included in the three elements of creativity:
A. Domain skills
B. Innate ability
C. Rote memory
D. Followership
5. The four step creative process includes
A. the statement process
B. the stalemate process
C. the incubation process
D. the coverage process
6. Which of the following is a domain skill?
A. Expertise
B. Reading for pleasure
C. Athletic ability
D. Emotional stability
7.Barriers to applying creative thinking in business decision making include 
A. not listening to new ideas from front line managers
B. brainstorming for creative ideas
C. customer satisfaction surveys
D. analyzing internal strengths and weaknesses
8. The mission statement of an organization
A. is a collection of goals set by the operations department
B. is a clear and concise expression of the basic purpose of the organization
C. is a statement of customer rights
D. is a summary of the SWOT analysis
9. The intangible assets of an organization include
A. the company’s reputation
B. the company’s cash position
C. the company’s buildings
D. the company’s production...