Uop Law 531 Week 5 Knowledge Check

LAW 531 Week 5 Knowledge Check


1. Identify an accurate statement about the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).
    • It prohibits the disclosure of nutrition information on food labels.
    • It only covers the quality of actual products and does not encompass packaging.
    • It prohibits the shipment, distribution, or sale of adulterated food.
    • It does not place liability on manufacturers or distributors for deceptive labelling.

2. Which product is exempt from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of cosmetics?
    • Household soap
    • Facial cleanser
    • Lip color
    • Eye shadow

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3. Glitter is a clothing store advertising a week-long sale featuring low-price summer merchandise. Amy visits the store on the second day of the sale to buy discounted clothing. However, the store has very few of the low-price clothes remaining. When Amy inquires about the sale, she is, instead, directed to a section of very expensive clothing that is not on sale. Feeling pressurized by the salesperson to buy some of the expensive clothes, Amy ends up spending a lot of money at the store. What type of deceptive business practice is best illustrated in the scenario?
    • Credit and debt
    • Trade libel
    • Door-to-door sales
    • Bait and switch

4. What is an environmental impact statement most likely to contain?
    • Guidelines for maintaining environmental standards for state governments
    • A cost-benefit analysis of a proposed federal action that might affect the environment
    • Annual environmental reports provided by state governments
    • Conservation proposals made by environmental experts outside the government

5. Identify the federal act that was enacted to regulate the disposal of new hazardous wastes and empowers the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate facilities that generate, treat, store,...