There have been many very important philosophers in the past that have made great contributions to the way we live life today. Majority of those mentioned and recognized were men, women at one point in history were not recognized the way men were. Socrates was a male philosopher who was very successful in his philosophical analogies. Hypatia was a female whom was also a great philosopher and she too was also very successful in her philosophical analogies. We will present two very successful philosophers with many great contributions that they have left in their legacy. And we will also present points stating why women should have been recognized when they made great accomplishments contributing to the philosophical society the same way that male philosophers have. (Are we comparing Socrates from hypatia or are we arguing why we think women should have recognized just as much as the men? I believe we can do a comparison in a sense of what early Greek men and women personally contributed to the world of philosophy.   An answer to the argument would be that during this era women philosophers were not granted political rights in a male dominated world, attributed to early Greek culture and customs of that era. In our opinion, women philosophers should have been recognized for major contributions just as much as men.)


      Socrates was born in Athens, Greece 469 BC and Died 399 BC. Socrates father was Sophroniscus, a sculptor, and his mother Phaenarete a midwife.
      The young Socrates; almost nothing is known of the childhood of Socrates but it can be assumed from his later display of learning the he attended the schools of Athens until he entered military service at age eighteen. He was a soldier, stone cutter, and a sculptor.
      Philosopher and Teacher; Socrates devoted most of his adult life to the development of philosophy and to teaching those followers who attached themselves to his dialogue discussion groups. His...