Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison

Eastern &Western Philosophers Comparison Paper
Axia College
University of Phoenix

Tasha Wood

I chose to write about Confucius and Plato.   Confucius believed in learning and knowledge, that they must be practical and transform life for the better.   He believed that if one wanted to help someone that they must first establish one’s own human character.   He believed that once a person had a character that contained nothing contrary to humanity, they could then rely on that in all their actions.   He also believed that if a person lived through humanistic thinking and acting they would make the “way” (Tao) great.   He had a great belief that I strongly agree with.   He believed that humans are not always good but can become better, which he believed would come from learning and helping others.   He thought that anyone can acquire wisdom as long as they were determined.   He believed that once people worked together that things would flourish and nourish one another without conflict or injury.   Confucius put together a principle that explains how reciprocity applies to humans by saying, “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.”
I agree with Confucius because learning and knowledge is important to get somewhere in life.   I also agree that if a person wants to help someone else they must have their life straightened out first or else it won’t work out, it will just make things worse for the person you are trying to help.   Confucius talked about how a person can make the “way” great by living through humanistic thinking and acting.   What he means by the “way” is the path taken by natural events and I agree because if a person thinks before acting things will eventually work out for that person.   My favorite quote that Confucius believed to be true is “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.”   This is my favorite because if people treat others hateful they should expect to get treated the same, but if...