Phillip Ii

Evaluate the methods used by Philip II to extend his control within Greece

The methods Philip used were all very effective to extending his control within Greece. One of many effective methods used by Philip was the reformation’s he made within his army as he introduced a new weapon and fighting techniques. Philips technique of marrying women from other states was another effective method that extended his power within Greece as well as for his interventions within the wars between other Greek states. Also Philip befriending other states within Greece was an effective method he used to extend his power within Greece.

One of the most effective methods that Philip used to extend his power with Greece was the reforms he made within the Macedonian Army. A major military reform Philip made was he invented the sarissa weapon for his army to use in battle as it was a 5.5 meter spear and was almost triple the length of a standard spear. With sarissa Philip used his weapon with the oblique advance formation. Not only did Philip give his army a new weapon and a new formation he paid his army to stay loyal to him and he disciplined them by getting rid of anything that could have been a distraction for his men during the battle such as baggage wagons, prostitutes etc. this showed that Philips army was a national army. With the invention of the sarissa and his army fighting in the oblique advance Philip came out victorious in many wars. For example with his new reforms Philip defeated Illyria a local rival of Macedonia and destroyed them as a threat to Macedonia ever again and with his victory he has consolidated the borders of Macedonia. Philip also showed the strength of his military reforms in the first sacred battle war which held place in the crocus fields Philip came out victorious against his first Greek opponent, Phocis and in return Philip became the general in charge in Thessaly again demonstrating the power and strength of his army due to his military reforms....