Assess Whether Alexander Was a Great Leader

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Assess whether Alexander was a great leader
Alexander the great was one of the greatest leaders who ever lived; he conquered almost the entire known world in 4th century BC. However, historians debate today whether he really was a great leader. There has been evidence contradicting his claim of greatness, but supporting evidence outweighs them all. Factors include his royal propaganda, leadership, military aspects and legacy.
Through his use of political propaganda, Alexander was able to gain undying loyalty from his troops and was respected as a God. This allowed him to strike fear into the enemies’ hearts even before a battle had begun. This gave him the upper-hand in battle. Alexander was able to effectively use political propaganda to his advantage because of the prophecy of his divine birth stating he was the son of Zeus, therefore making him a demi-god. This prophecy was proclaimed by the oracle of Apollo in Delphi; after King Phillip II (Alexander’s father) had a vision of sealing Olympias’ (Alexander’s mother) womb with the seal of the lion after it had been struck by a thunder-bolt. He had also seen a serpent lying stretched out by the side of Olympias as she slept. All this lead to the prophecy of his divine birth which allowed him to used political propaganda so effectively.
Although Alexander was able to use this prophecy as political propaganda, it also came with a disadvantage. The prophecy of his divine birth gave him too much pride and confidence from an early age, as he actually believed himself to be a god.   This later made him into a megalomaniac with an undying lust for conquest. Therefore showing there were draw-backs to his political propaganda.
Alexander’s superior leadership skills also played a part in his proclaimed greatness. Alexander was very close and friendly towards his troops, knowing them all by first name. He even endured the same conditions as his men in battle; living, eating and drinking the same as...