Persuasive Essay

The information in this paper is used to inform. In no shape form or fashion should one base their finances off what is given. We will encourage anyone to consult an expert when seeking money relief.

Who’s in control of our money the government or us? This sounds like a rhetorical question but .in hind sight it’s the truth. How many of us have accumulated debt? Now, how many would like for this mound debt would magically disappear? If we are honest with ourselves we would like for our credit card bills, hospital, and car payments would just go away but that’s not reality.

We would like to show you the benefits in filing a bankruptcy before 2005, how hard it is to file today, and the down fall of bankruptcy.

  In 2004 our family had to file a chapter 13 due to some unforeseen events. In 2004 the laws were simple when it came to filing a chapter. The debtor would bring their debts to lawyer the attorney would tell the client his fee and ways to pay it. The lawyer will add ones debt to income to show how much one would pay into the plan. The debtor would go before a judge he/she would seal the deal by advising the debtor to take a class on budgeting ones monies, simple enough.   Time at was the process the Carneys went through in November 2004.

  What does the I.R.S. say today when one is needed a little debt relief? What the courts are saying today is first one has to meet a certain income to file a chapter 13. The debtor income must be below a median that the government has established from state to state. The debtor has to take a course in budgeting your money before one file and before one is able to exit their plan. The client wanting to file a chapter 7and is over the median in there state cannot but, must repay some of their debt with a chapter 13.

With all of the new laws it’s harder to find an educated councilor who has the knowledge of the new bankruptcy lingo. No more opening the yellow pages and picking out a good lawyer. Due to the...