Personality, Motivation and Managing Staff

Assignment: Personality, Motivation and Managing Staff

The goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to form an accurate understanding of people and to apply theory appropriately. To do this, you will study a character in a feature film, apply course theory, and develop managerial actions. In effect, we are using the films as enriched case studies that allow you to explore the complexity and subtlety of workplace behaviour and, crucially, the critical application of course theory. We have chosen characters whose behaviour is richly depicted and open to multiple interpretations. Ultimately your goal is to analyse one of these characters using course ideas and use this analysis to work out what sort of managerial actions would be relevant to improve the character’s level of motivation.
You may find that one of these films is shown on television during the period you are working on this assignment. Unfortunately, we do not think that one viewing of the film will be sufficient to conduct your analysis to the required depth. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain a copy of the film that you can view and review during the period you are working on the assignment. DVD or blu-ray disks are likely to be the best formats to work with given the quality of the images and the opportunity to navigate quickly through the film. Most of these films will be widely available for hire or purchase both on the high street and on the internet.
You need to choose one of the following characters to study in this assignment:
Adventureland | Greg Mottola | 2009 | James Brennan | Jesse Eisenberg |
Another Earth | Mike Cahill | 2011 | Rhoda Williams | Brit Marling |
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead | Sidney Lumet | 2007 | Andy | Philip Seymour Hoffman |
El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) | Juan José Campanella | 2009 | Benjamín Esposito | Ricardo Darín |
North Country | Niki Caro...