Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

October 9, 2013

University of Phoenix

        Personally, responsibility means a good percentage to succeed in life. We have realized that in some occasions, we make choices, which are hard to own, take, and accept responsibility that comes with the choices that we made before. As we acknowledge mistakes and actions, and realizing that we can control our destiny is not an easy task because at certain point, we have learned and realized, we started to be more mature.
      By examples, we know, many influences in life can determine our decisions and use. It is our decision how to use our time and been responsible by analyzing what is more important in our lives, decisions are the result of our own actions by taking responsibilities to obtain our success.
      Writing about responsibility, it is essential to look for sources, researches, and organizations to make our best choice and control our success.
        When individuals are responsible for their actions, they help them to understand which goals are more important in life and the meaning to obtain success in college by learning and get on track our values’ support, in how we make our own decisions.
        Basically, in students’ lives it is so important to be responsible so we can succeed in college. For most people, responsibility is such a difficult task to master, and it is harder when it concerns such responsibility studying in college. If students can take their own decisions by living responsible in their school’s work ethics, they will be able to obtain numerous assignments, but they need to train themselves to be adults with responsibility and at the same time living responsible for their own actions and succeed every day in their lives.
          If we understand that experiences take directions in life that will be the result of our actions or reactions in this wonderful life. By considering, if a person cannot control the circumstances around...