Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Diane Valero
GEN 200
November 5, 2012
Annette Tanori

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility is a promise or an obligation to oneself. It means that you stop putting the blame on others and admitting and accepting responsibility for your own actions. In this essay, I will define the meaning of personal responsibility and how it will guide me in becoming a successful college student, and I will describe a plan that will allow me to be successful during my education. This planning should help me to alleviate stress and frustration and allow me to become a better organized student.
My definition of Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility means taking accountability for one’s actions, and accepting the consequences that result from those actions. To me, personal responsibility is when you stop blaming other individuals and start blaming yourself and see what you need to do to correct the issue while understanding what you do impacts others. You should know when you are wrong and take full responsibility for your actions. Everyone makes human errors in life, so learning to take responsibility for your own actions is detrimental in growing up and throughout your education. Personal responsibility also is the freedom to make your own choices in life so to be accountable is crucial as you are setting a career path for the future. “Part of every student’s education is learning the importance of personal responsibility and how strong character is built through a code of conduct.”
( A study done by the Association of American Colleges and Universities provided information that students and faculty members in several different colleges agree that personal and social responsibility should be a primary focus in the classroom. (Antonaros,M., Antonaros, M., Barnhardt, C., Holsapple, M., Moronski, K., Vergoth, V.,...