Personal Ethical Statement

My personal ethical statement

      According to the ethical inventory I fall under the rights and responsibility lens, it states that I use reasoning skills to determine my duties as well as the universal rules that each person should follow.   My core values are autonomy and rationality over equality.   I favor protecting the rights of individuals and am not swayed from believing that individuals should be able to do what they believe is right even if others protest that the results are not fair for everyone in the community.   I moderately prefer rationality over sensibility.   I tend to use reason to find the rules of life but my actions are tempered by sensibility, being flexible as I prudently follow my intuition and heart.
      My blind spot according to the report is that my belief that motive justifies method, because I am so clear about my reasons for acting I tend to believe that the motive justifies the method.   I may unintentionally cause people to become upset and cause pain because I can be so focused on my good motive.   This is a very true statement about me, sadly it is correct that I can and have several times over caused upset in order to achieve my goals.   It also says that I tend to believe that ethics are a set of universal rules that everyone must follow, as I do.   I follow the rules- everyone should.
      My strengths according to the statement are temperance, meaning that I act with integrity in the exercise of all of my values.   I am also responsible, or at least my definition of responsibility and its application.   I also believe in fulfilling duties in the fullest expression of fairness and justice and my gift is apparently self-knowledge.   I use critical thinking skills in my method for learning and problem solving.  
      My weaknesses include a possibility of becoming autocratic or bossy,   I prefer people to do things my way in order to measure up ethically and I do not consider other interpretations of the facts to other...