I think personal ethics statements values and ethics are a part of everyday life for some people. Then the life that about everyone lives shows the strength of most personal. In then everybody need to make immediate and wise decisions in life. Then what every choice we choose to make should be driven boy our own ethics. Most people need some good ethics to help promote a healthy and positive environment for ourselves and others. I also always assumed that my personal ethical viewpoint that you should always be equal and fair. Then after I looked over my ethical lens inventory it helps me get to the right spot. In then I also found out that my preferred ethical lens is also the relationship lens. I make sure I use my judgment to see how I can ensure equality to all other people. I also found that in my blind spot because I trust way too much in everything. Then I know that everything cannot be fair even thou I want it to be and then I often rely on the ethical decisions to come up with a fair system. Then everybody either have a strength or weakness in their body. I also still have not been able to find my personally and what my strengths are. But I know what I learned from the ethical lens inventory I got a gift from justice this is also one of my strengths. I know I am a fair person so I will do my best to work what if for everyone else. I try to stay away from and defend the least disadvantage without creating unnecessary hassles for the rest of the people. One of my weak spots is that I trust most system to solve the problems. In also because of that I run risk to be considered strict and assuming that my way would be best which is not at all my goal. I could also become cut off because not everyone can guarantee fairness. My thing with justice can drive them that I care about a lot   wisdom.