Personal Audit

Its November already and before you know what is happening, 2013 would have gone forever. This is a good time to now ask how far we progressed this year and to make adjustments as we prepare for the New Year and ensure that it will be a better year than this year.
One day I was travelling from London to Los Angeles. While at Heathrow airport I decided to give myself a treat in a very exquisite restaurant. Unknown to me the public address system for the airport was not working in this restaurant so the onus was on me to ensure that I get to the boarding gate in good time. I took my time and enjoyed my meal wondering why no one was calling out any flight. When I finished I began to stroll casually to the gate when I heard an announcement that made me freeze. It was a last call for me to board and now they said they were going to remove my luggage from the plane. The gate was still so far away and I had no choice but to begin to run. When I got to the gate the airline officials were about to close but fortunately they saw me in a distance and welcomed me on board. As I ran past them I heard them say that I was the last passenger for Toronto. I stopped and ran back and asked them what they said. They said Toronto. At this point I was nearly at fainting point. I told them I was going to LA. They told me it was the next gate. I eventually made my way, boarded the plane and slumped on my seat totally fatigued.
As I sat down, I began to think. Los Angeles was a 13 hour flight from London. After the first few hours I began to look at my watch wondering when we were going to land. I did this ever so often. I could not be inspired by how much more I had to go but I was sure encouraged by how far I had come from where I started. That was what encouraged me and made the time bearable. Now this was possible because I was sure that I was on the right track. I knew that at the end of the 13 hour journey I was going to undoubtedly end up where I planned to end up.
What if – just...