Task Environment Audit

Praxis Paper 2
Jo-Ann Savoie
Walden University
A Project Presented in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
DDBA 8110- 5 Business Operations: Systems Perspectives in Global Organizations
Dr. Donna Galla
October 30, 2010

      The company chosen to examine for the second Praxis Paper is The Hamilton Police Service (HPS).   The HPS is a municipal police service located in the City of Hamilton, Ontario Canada.   According to the 2008 Annual Report, The City of Hamilton has a population of 518,181 and employs 787 officers and 272 civilians for 1,059 personnel (p.7).   Speaking with key supply chain personnel identified two areas that will save the service time and money; employing a full time chief purchasing officer (CPO), and the installation of   an asset tracker program for serialized equipment.
      Under the current policy, the property branch controls the purchase and warehousing of uniforms, cleaning supplies, and office supplies. Each department not under control of the property branch purchases their own supplies. Fleet handles all vehicles and parts required for servicing vehicles, just as the technology branch purchases and services all IT equipment. Specialty units such as the tactical unit and the ACTION (addressing crime trends in our neighborhoods) team also purchase their own equipment without consultation through the property branch. This practice results in multiple vendors, duplication of stock, and probability that the item purchased may only result in a single purchase. Although a one time stock purchase may not be the intent, due to limited stock and retail vendors solicited, items purchased are not considered uniform issue. (Only items purchased though an authorized vendor guarantee continuation of an item’s availability beyond a seasonal cycle).
      Each department works in its own silo without consultation or collaboration. Having a full time purchasing coordinator would eliminate most of the current overlap. “...