Performance Management Plan

Amy Parker


February 2, 2015
Janice White

Performance Management Plan

      A performance management plan is extremely important to the success of any organization.   The goal of this paper is to help Bradley Stonefield create an effective performance management plan.   As noted, Landslide Limousine Service plans to eventually create and expand the business in Austin, Texas.   It is very important that Mr. Stonefield understand not only how important but the necessity of creating and implementing a performance management is to the success of his company.
Alignment of Performance Management Framework
      Alignment of aligning the performance management framework cannot be emphasized enough.   For any business to become successful and stay successful the organization must utilize a performance management framework.   The only way that an organization can ensure that performance standards are being met is by utilizing a performance management framework.   “It delivers a customary approach for describing processes and actions such as planning, modeling, and monitoring; information types such as multidimensional record based and text; business rules including calculations and logic; and user roles such as manager, shareholder, customer and staff (Watson, 2014)”.   A performance management framework also creates and outline that features ways that individuals can relate to one another.   Without having a performance management framework in place it would be very challenging for an organization to have a system that anyone takes pride in.   There can be a multitude of methods used within the same organization but in different departments.   Therefore, it is critical to maintain stability and flexibility to avoid recreating the plan numerous times during the application movement.
Setting up of Organizational Performance Strategy
Mr. Stonefield needs to understand that the performance strategy phase of creating a...