Performance Appraisal Paper

Performance Appraisal Paper
Vanessa Julia Francis
HCS 427 Human Resource Principals
August 23, 2010
Professor Rhonda Bunce

Performance Appraisal Paper
To deliver quality patient care, healthcare facilities rely on their employees’ skills and commitment. They need to ensure their staff are competent, accountable and focused on their performance. Employee performance appraisals and competency assessments are critical tools for ensuring the continuous development and performance of staff, and improved patient safety. The tool that will be examined to meet the needs of the appraiser called the Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare. It is known as a complete solution guide that gives HR and managers everything they need to support ongoing employee development and generate the required accreditation reports.
Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare is a performance measurement tool used in the healthcare industry to evaluate and track employee performance. Performance appraisal is a “general heading for a variety of activities through which organizations seek to assess employees and develop their competence, enhance performance and distribute rewards” (Fletcher, 2001, p. 474). Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare is built from the ground up to meet the specialized performance management needs of healthcare facilities regardless of their sizes. This performance appraisal tool is effective in conducting performance evaluations, developing critical talent, and aligning goals. This is a software based system complete with clinical competency libraries that include over a 1,000 technical and behavioral competencies.
The design of the performance tool is to utilize healthcare performance standards complete with behavior descriptions, comment helper texts, along with coaching, and development tips. All of these features are designed with the expectation of helping to develop and sustain highly talented employees. The tool lets managers define the development plans...