Hrm/240 Checkpoint: Performance Appraisal

HRM/240 CheckPoint: Performance Appraisal

    Here are the two aspects of performance appraisals that I chose are; Strategic relevance and compliance with the law. One of the special challenges for strategic relevance are; If the employee does not understand the companies goals then this can put the employee at a high risk for failing their appraisal. It is very important for an employee and the employer to make sure that when the employee is hired, the employer goes over all the goals and expectations that they are required from the employee. If an employer does not explain what they expect from the employee, then it is not fair to give the employee a bad appraisal, due to the employer did not clarify their expectations in the beginning.   One way to be fair to the employee and to be able to give the employee a fair and just appraisal, the employer needs to make sure that they give clear and precise instructions to the employee.
    One of the special challenges for compliance with the law is; to make sure that the appraisals are job related. Also, there could be a conflict in one's appraisal if you have more than one supervisor appraising an employee. Both of the supervisors need to make sure that the person doing the appraisal is the one who has witnessed some of the employee's behaviors. They need to also compare notes with each other as well. It cannot be fair to write up an appraisal based on another person's words or hear say. The documents of an appraisal is very important due to if the appraisal is wrong or has wrong allegations against them in the appraisal, then the employee can take some legal actions on the appraisal. With having this appraisal documented can also help the employer have the proof that they need of the employee wrong doings.