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firstly decide if you like/dislike Kavanagh's poetry. Then focus on 4/5 features of Kavanagh's poetry and say why you like/dislike them, to back up your overall answer of whether you like/dislike the poetry, and use 3+ examples to give evidence for your liking/disliking of the poetry (show how why you said you like/dislike it is true). Below is an example of what you could do, with three sample paragraphs:

Overall answer: I like the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh.

The poetry gives an insight into rural Irish life: Kavanagh's poetry shows what life was like in rural Ireland, during his time. This provides with a glimpse of Ireland, but a very different one from which we lived in, which is not only interesting but also shows how much our country has developed over time.
Examples: Iniskeen Road/ Shancoduff/ Epic/ Advent

His poetry celebrates the ordinary and familiar world: Kavanagh's poetry focuses on and celebrates the ordinary world. This means his poetry focuses on things/places that I am used to, meaning that I don't get lost in his poetry, which happens with other poets when they deal with specific, out-dated subjects, that I have no knowledge of.
Examples: Advent/ Lines Written On a seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin/ A Christmas Childhood/ Epic/ Iniskeen Road/ Shancoduff

Use of I: Kavanagh's poetry often focuses on his life, his desires, wishes, wants, feelings etc. This makes his poetry of worth as it shows that it is meaningful and important as it is relevant to Kavanagh, as well as giving us a centre to explore the poetry and see what it is about, as we consider why Kavanagh wrote his poems.
Examples: Lines Written On a seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin/ Epic/ Iniskeen Road/ Shancoduff/ Advent